Whenever you’re out with friends enjoying a night on the town or an outing at a party, you need pictures to remember the evening by! One of the best ways to take memorable shots at a wedding reception, graduation party or other celebration is by getting your picture taken in a photo booth.  The quick photo-shoot will make you feel like a movie star, or make you feel like the paparazzi are following you.

 However, no one wants to be crammed into a photo booth to take a normal, boring photo. Nevertheless, many people are not prepared for the three or four funny shots that the machine wants to snap off. Be prepared in advance with this list of the best photo booth poses!

1) The Woo Girl – This is whenever everyone in the shoot screams “Woo!” with their eyes closed. A must for any bachelorette party.

2) The Surprise – One person does something crazy while the rest act appalled at that person’s behavior.

3) The Kissy Face – Pucker up for your close up!

4) The Sad Clown – You’re probably wearing a funny hat or something ridiculous already. A little pouty face with the costume makes the juxtaposition speak for itself.

5) Give Peace a Chance – More popular in Asian countries, you still can’t go wrong no matter where you are if you flip a peace sign to the camera.

6) The Money Shot – Romance is in the air! And so is your cash! Toss a wad of bills up to show how much of a player you truly are!

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